Sunday, August 31, 2008


I had the urge to write a blog about some of the things that I am grateful for. First and formost I am grateful for such a loving and caring husband. Even though I can be extremely stubborn at times he is always always there for me and truly loves me unconditionally! I am soo grateful for my beautiful home. I love it out here in the country and seriously wouldn't ask for anything else. I can't describe the feeling I have when I walk outside in the morning and there is just total peace! I love laying in the hammock with Kelly watching and listening to the Texas thunderstorms. And I am soo sorry for the people who don't get to experience this! I have 3 wonderful doggies! I love different things about each one of them! Abby, is honestly the best dog I have ever had and it will be really hard to lose her. Pinky, oh my! I do love how she keeps our rodent population around the house down. And the more I get to know her the sweeter she gets. Khloe, oh so cute, sweet, adorable, gosh I am soo glad I got her!! I am soo happy that I finally got a puppy!! I am stopping at 3 dogs and they are all awesome! How could I ever live without my nieces!? Ashlee is growing up so quickly and it excites me when I go to her house and she runs up to give me a big huge! And she is now calling me on the phone too. How cute!! Now, Brookelyn is soo independent. She and I have a special bond that I know Ashlee and I will have someday, but I treasure our bond we have. My sister is my rock at times. She is always always there for me. Not many sisters can say they are as close as we are. I cannot tell anyone how grateful I am that my grandma took me into her home when she did. She gave me stability in my life. I can't imagine how different my life would have been if she didn't. She told me once that she always wanted 6 children but her dr. suggested that she stop at 5. And there was me, the 6th child! That feeling is indescribable! I know there is soo much more that I am grateful for but seriously I would be here all day and I need to get some lunch and go to work!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008


I recently received a new puppy. She just turned 12 weeks yesterday and she is soo sweet! I have a friend up at work (yes I've only been there for 3 or 4 weeks and I already got suckered!) and her nana breeds English Shepherds. Well this puppy's right eye is just a little bit smaller than the other eye and she couldn't get papers. So she just gave Kelly and me the puppy! I had our vet look at her and everything is fine! She is soo cute and SOFT!! Everybody has fallen in love with her and I think I've giving my mother-in-law puppy fever!! OOPS! Anyways, for some reason I ALWAYS think I'm exempt from the everyday normal stuff. Like if I dont want something to happen then I for some reason think it wont happen. Khloe (my new puppy) is chewing on everything!!! I honestly didn't think she would! I thought she would be the model puppy! The first night I think we let her sleep in the room with us and then the second night we got a crate for her and placed it on the other end of the house. She whined a few times that night. So last night we put the crate next to my side of the bed so she could see me and absolutely no whining all night long!! Honestly she is a good puppy, not too hyper, doesn't chew up things too bad, and I couldn't believe we didn't hear a peep from her all night!! The other dogs we a bit snobby the first few days but not Pinky is warming up to Khole! Abby is just old and prob needs more attention now from us, b/c she doesn't want to play around with the others. I am soo glad we got Khloe. I have never had a puppy, a kitten yes, but not a puppy. Well I better get ready for the day. I am taking Khloe to Petsmart and to Candice's to meet them all!!

Friday, August 22, 2008

My wonderful nieces

Today on my way out of work, the phone rang and it was my little niece, Ashlee. Now she is almost 2 and doesn't say many actual words, but tries to everyday. She said to me "Is this RiRi?" Yes that is me, my nieces call me RiRi. The story is that my sister said when I was little I couldn't even pronounce my name correctly so why should we assume my nieces could so I was to be Aunt Ri (my middle name is Renee). Well Miss B. started to call me RiRi so it stuck! I was soo excited that my other little niece now likes to call me and talk to me! I always get soo excited when Miss B. asks to call me. I wasn't having a bad day but my day sure did a lot brighter when Ashlee called!! I am soo proud of my nieces! They are such lovely girls! I miss them dearly when I dont get to see them often! Even though they only live an hour away, I so wish they lived closer. They can live in my backyard! Well that is all I really had to say tonight. I am so tired! I'm still getting used to my new work schedule and we had a busy busy couple of weeks!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Taking things for granted

I often take many things for granted. It is so nice when I just step back and realize "wow I really do have everything I have ever wanted"! I have seriously the perfect husband, I have a GREAT new job that I LOVE!!, I have a beautiful home ( I love living in the country), I have wonderful dogs ( maybe a new puppy will be joining soon), I still really really love my car, and so much more. I woke up this morning on my own (not by an alarm clock) thinking about how forunate my husband and I really are! It's soo easy to go through life not realizing how lucky we really are. I would not change anything! So much has changed since my last bloggs. All for the better! Things are going great!! I need to get ready so I can go see my Beautiful neices and my wonderful sister!! I will blogg more. At least once a week, maybe more!