Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Road Trip

Ok so it's been a while since my last posting and i did promise I would post more. What can I say, I'm not a writer, and really I have been quite busy. Kelly and I went on the most amazing road trip ever!!! We drove 4,000 miles, and guess what, we only argued once. I got mad b/c I didn't think he was enjoying this book I got on a cd and well I'm a girl and I got pissy. I think that's damn good for being in a car hours at a time with your husband, or anybody really. We had a great time seeing family in Arizona and New Mexico. We watched my baby sister graduate high school. OMG! She cant be that grown up yet. That makes me feel old and I'm not!! You couldn't believe some of the scenery we saw driving up the coast of CA. It's soo amazing there. If you haven't made a trip to CA (any part really) you must!!! We got to my dad's place in Napa (pre-fires) and did the whole San Fran thing and some of the Napa thing. San Fran was soo F*ing cold. Prob the coldest I've ever been there. It's always chilly though. After we left my dad's we went to Yosemite National Park and I'm telling you this is the prettiest place we have ever been to!! OMG! I so wish we had more time there. Someday we want to drive there and camp out for a week or so. And Candice I have to take your girls with me, b/c they have to see this place and you wouldn't be able to handle the roads at all! When we first drove in the park it was 91ish degrees and when we exited the park out the other end 2 1/2 hours later it was 54 degrees and snow on the ground! Absolutely breathtaking!! We stayed the night on a ski resort with the view of a mountain out our window. Again Breathtaking!! Then we headed to Vegas. It was an 8 hour drive maybe?. And yeah, we almost seriously ran out of gas!! No one told us we wouldn't see a darn gas station for 200 miles!! We have a 19.1 gallon tank and we filled up 18.1 gallons. That's too close!! Vegas was very interesting. Not bad, Kelly and I just aren't into gambling and drinking so we can pass up Vegas. But it was cool to see all the hotels and we loved the water show!! After there we headed to the Hoover Dam and the Grand Canyon. Hoover Dam was pretty cool but we thought the Grand Canyon was ok. It was soo crowded and actually boring and dry, duh! Oh well, now we can say we've been there! We stopped in New Mexico to see some fam and then headed home! We were soo happy to finally be home. We missed our home and family and dogs!! We were gone almost two weeks, but what a wonderful vacation!! It was a our last and actually first BIG vacation before we plan to start our family. And dont worry we dont plan on starting soon. I actually have more to write but this is already a long blog and its late so I'll continue more tomorrow.