Saturday, December 5, 2009

Framing Process

Yesterday the framers put up our walls for the first level of our new house! I am so excited and proud, no words can describe it! What a wonderful Christmas this will be. There is only one more thing that would top this Christmas off and that would be the news of us expanding our family and so far it does not look it is our time yet. The framers say next week, Tuesday to be exact, they will be working on the upstairs!!! I never really dreamed of building a house until I married Kelly. I never really dreamed of many things until I meet Kelly! I know I may say this often but I am very blessed that I have Kelly in my life and I know he feels the same. He lets me know this every day! In the mornings he makes my lunch for me and even makes me breakfast if I have time to eat it!

Oh I am so angry right now! I just put my video that I made of walking through our house and facebook took it off b/c of copyright laws. I have a song on there that I didn't sing so I guess I have to have Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young's permission! So stupid. I'll find another way to share my video. Next I'll try youtube. Guess I better figure it out. I'll post pictures and hopefully a video later on!