Friday, October 7, 2011

way too long!

Oh my! It has been way too long since my last post! A lot has changed! We are now in our new home and we had our BABY!! I cannot tell how much life has changed. I love my life and would not change it for anything in the world! I truly feel like this is exactly where I am supposed to be in life! I love my child, my husband, and staying home! I cannot imagine someone else watching my child grow while I'm back at work. I know not everyone is able to stay home, I truly realize this but even if we had to cut back on Internet, tv, and luxury items, I would just to be able to stay home with my child! We do have to watch what we spend a little more these days but totally worth it all!!

My baby is 4 1/2 months old and wow she is learning something new everyday! She has been giggling for me for awhile but just in the past week or so she is giggling for other people. Totally adorable! I bought her a new book that makes noises and has farm tails and she LOVES it! I also got her Sofie La Griafe! She is so in love with him too! Tonight I put together her jumperoo and cannot wait to put her in it tomorrow! I really want to wake her up now and see how she likes it...but of course I wont!

I know this blog post is very choppy but I dont know where to begin on what to tell you because I've been gone from this for so long. I promise I will update more often! The update on Layla and her health...

She still has reflux. We went to the doctor today b/c she has been spitting up a lot lately and I am extremely concerned! Well my motherly instincts were right and she has only gained 2 oz. in two weeks. She should be gaining way more! So we added a new medication and am supposed to schedule an appt. with the GI specialist. I'll make the appt next week. I'm glad her doctor is getting her the proper treatment. I've known for awhile now that she does have a sever case. She is still lactose intolerant but I do believe she is good on the soy now. We have been going to see an acupressure guy and it has helped but I haven't seen a huge difference to keep on going back especially if we have to go to the GI specialist I dont want to drag her from office to office.

She just woke up and is yelling for me to come feed her. I will update sometime soon. Hopefully this week since we just got good internet at the house now! I'll also post pictures later as well.