Saturday, December 18, 2010

So once again a lot has changed since my last post. I am now 16 weeks along and our house is really coming along!! They say your second trimester you usually feel the best...well I beg to differ! I'm having morning sickness throughout the whole day. I am thankful it's not everyday and I have not thrown up, yet. Did I mention that when I sneeze my insides hurt?! It feels like I pull a muscle every time I sneeze! I know most people love being pregnant but man, I'm not loving it right now. My hormones are going crazy and I cry more often now of course. I hate complaining about how I feel and I hate taking so many different medications so I can function!

I don't take them everyday but I do have to have them handy at all times! My belly is growing and growing. Maybe next post I'll have a picture. Right now I can't figure out if I'm just carrying low or if it's just too many cookies that I have been eating. Sorry to rant, I am so so grateful to finally be pregnant and am so excited to bring this baby home! It is a dream come true! Making my own family and memories is what I've always wanted! Honestly I feel like the luckiest girl alive!! I love seeing how excited Kelly is getting about our baby! He is so cute!!! We have our next sonogram in two weeks and couldn't be happier. I still haven't decided 100% if we will find out the sex then or not. I go back and forth on if I really want to know or if I want it to be a surprise when baby Langdon gets here! I'm sure we'll find out but I'm thinking about not. I do want to get the nursery done before he/she gets here but they do stay in the bassinet for a couple of months. I could work on it after (with all my spare time I know I'll have. LOL.) Oh who knows what will happen!

I am so so proud of Kelly and all his hard work on our house. It's 7:42 on Saturday night and I'm blogging and watching tv while my wonderful husband is working on our house. We have walls, texture, paint on the walls, most of the doors up and Kelly is installing the plugs and switches right now! This week we are going to order the cabinets and get the tile for the shower. If Kelly, James, and Daniel work on our house monday-friday every week we will have it done in no time. James and Daniel framed our house and come back to work here when they don't have another house to work on. They are excellent, we couldn't get this house done without them!! I have a video of our house so far. I do have more pictures on my Facebook if you wanted to see more. Hope you enjoy the video and look forward with some more news soon!!

The video didn't work but you can view it on my facebook page!!