Monday, February 15, 2010

here's our house so far...

I have been so bad at posting pics about the house. I have been busy and have had other things on my mind. Life out here has been a little crazy but I see them getting probably crazier but so much more fun! I am trying my best to post more updates as life goes on! Oh blah de oh blah da. Life goes on...!! Kelly and I put a down payment on his pool table for the house! We are super excited about that! Kelly had an awesome birthday this year! No one could ask for a better birthday!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

We will always remember

suppose it's time to do another blog. A week or two ago Kelly came home to one of our dogs badly hurt. It's was Pinky, Kelly's fav dog (dont tell the others LOL). Pinky's neck was badly scratched and was bleeding pretty bad. Kelly and his dad cleaned Pinky up and gave a shot to help with infection. This whole time I was in Fort Worth visiting my sister and my nieces. I rushed home as soon as I picked up my niece Brookelyn from school and poor Pinky was very lethargic and helpless. Kelly and I put Pinky into the car and drove up to my work. It was worst than I thought. They started shaving her neck and it was looking worse and worse. They finally got her on some heavy meds and we left her there over night. I felt so bad for our little Pinky! The next morning I went to work early to check up on her and to tell her how much we love her! Throughout the day I talked to her and gave her hugs. There was this nasty smell coming from her skin and it was getting worse and worse throughout the day. One of the drs. at work said we really needed to do surgery on her to see if anything in her throat was tore. I remember going back there while they started surgery and they saw it was not looking good. I rushed into the bathroom to wipe my eyes and as soon as I came back out I saw the look on Kelly's face and dr. Mccall shaking his head that it was worse than anyone expected. Pinky's whole entire throat was torn up and beyond repair! We had to euthanize Pinky and that was so difficult for Kelly and I. Poor poor Pinky and poor poor Kelly. This was his baby, his dog, who went to work with him and was extremely loyal to him! That night we buried her in the pet cemetery here on the ranch! We will miss Pinky! But we are very fortunate that we have such great memories with her and lots of pictures!

Greta (cat) and Pinky (dog)

PS I did not proof this post but I will tomorrow. I am tired and need to get some rest!