Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Prayers needed!

I normally don't blog up to date info about our fertility issues but this month I am super excited and need everyones prayers. First off the doctor doubled my clomid so now I'm taking 100mg and I'm getting the HCG injection today which triggers ovulation and I'll ovulate within 36 hours of the injection! We went to the doctor yesterday and there were two mature follicles on my right side! One was just barely mature so the doctor told me to come back the next day (which is today) to get the HCG injection. Let them grow one more day! The sonogram tech and the dr told us to really think about going further bc we could have twins or more. The chances of that are kind of low I feel with my previous experiences every month of not getting pregnant. But you never know! Twins would be awesome and scary all at the same time. I go back and forth on if I want twins or not. I will take whatever God gives me!! Regardless of multiples or not, last month I only had one follicle and this month we have two. double the chances! AND... I had one mature follicle on my left side but they are thinking that was from last month and that he is just hanging out. Crazy. So if that's the case, my follicle never dropped last month, I'm really glad I'm getting the HCG injection. It makes all the mature eggs drop! Once the sonogram tech told me I have two mature follicles and could have multiples, she left the room and I just cried! Kelly asked me why I was crying and I replied "I just want a baby and we have such a great chance this month!!" I know it will happen someday but I'm ready, I'm so ready!! So I really really need everyone's prayers this month please! I'm a lot more relaxed this month than I was last so that's in my favor too!!!