Sunday, October 18, 2009

And Here We Go...

Ok so we have started our house now!!!  We got the forms up back in May I think but now we are really starting to make some major progress!
This was back in May or June
A few weeks ago, Kelly and his dad worked their tails off for a couple of days while it wasn't raining and was dry enough to work. It has been raining here for 3 or 4 weeks nonstop it seems like! Today is Sunday and the last day we had rain was Tuesday, and we (aka Kelly) got to work on our house!! We now have a crew (the concrete guy and his worker) helping Kelly and they are
making a lot of progress! Kelly said hopefully by the end of tomorrow we can put the plastic down and then Tues and Wed tie the steel. And yes that means by the end of this coming week we should be able to pour the slab!! Weather permitting of course. It is suppose to rain Wed, but that is the only day as of right now. I've been checking the weather every single day! I am so excited! We still dont really know when we will start framing but hey we are starting to get there! I imagine how our house will be and I get so excited  everytime I think of it! I know I've said this in the past before but this house is truely much more than "just a house" to me. It's our family's future! We will raise our family in this house, they wont ever have to move around from house/apartment to another. We will have a happy and stable life for them! Kelly and I are both extremely excited to start our family and hope to bring a new little one to the new house when we move in! Keep us in your prayers as we try to expand our family!

This was taken this morning