Wednesday, April 8, 2009


I've been off work for the last two days and it has been nice!! I am not looking forward to working the next 3 days!! I enjoy spending time at home with my little Greta! Yesterday I went into Ft. Worth to get a book for a new bible study I joined. All day yesterday I went back and forth on if I was going to go or not. I am glad I did. I think I will really enjoy the bible study. Today I went to good ol Wal-Mart to get food for the house. We have been out of everything for the past week, maybe even two weeks! I hate going to Wally World! So hopefully today I got enough stuff to last for a couple of weeks or so. Right now I am making a pot roast. This is my first time to ever make it. We shall see how it tastes. I'm a bit scared that the potatoes and carrots wont be cooked all the way but you live and you learn! I am trying to venture out on cooking dinner. All I ever cook is chicken b/c honestly that's all I know how to make. Chicken, pasta side, salad, and bread! We eat that a couple times a week! How boring!! Plus it's really easy and after working 9 1/2 hours I do not want to spend a lot of time on dinner. I know, just wait until I have kids! Then I will never want to cook! I'm going to have to get creative like my grandmother did growing up. She always cooked last night's dinner into a new dish! I need to go spend a week with her and have her teach me how to cook leftovers! Growing up she didn't teach me b/c I did not want to learn and she didn't want to pressure me. It's 4:35 and I think I'm going to go now and try to rest. I am soo tired for some reason! Oh wait, it's b/c my husband woke up at 7ish this morning for work and he likes to snuggle!! I know Candice, when is he going to learn! The answer is never! I am such a light sleeper all he has to do is get out of bed and I'm awake! I hate it! If he gets out of bed and gets ready for work I can go back to sleep quickly, but when he snuggles I wake up and I'm up for the day! and I can't always nap during the day! Oh lordy! Things will be different when we have kids! If I EVER get a day to sleep in, or he gets up for work and I'm sleeping and the baby is sleeping, HE WILL NOT snuggle or else!! Anyways, I'm trying to blog more often, again I know! Key word is TRY!

Monday, April 6, 2009

New House!!

Hola!! So my husband drew our plans for our new house!! I am so excited!!! It will have 3 bedrooms, a HUGE craft room (Martha will be proud!), a gun room (for Kelly of course), and nice big open country kitchen, a nice open living room with a 25ft. peak ceiling, and a wooden wrap-a-round porch! It's my dream home!!! Kelly is going to get a pool table and make a table top for it so when we have a bunch of guests over we will have room for them. It will be awesome! There will be more details later. We should start the slab sometime in the next month. Should is the KEY word! They say in the next two weeks but we'll see. I'm sending a copy of my plans to my dad in CA, hopefully he'll have some suggestions for us. I'll try to get a digital copy and post it on here so everyone can see as well! OMG, my craft room will be a dream. It will be like a Martha Stewart room! (Hopefully it will stay organized!) Well I need to finish watching The Hills!! I'll blog more, well I'll try!!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

My New Celeb Crush

Ok I know I haven't blogged in a long time and it's way over due. I have a lot of stuff to blog about but I promise I will blog about that soon! Right now I just wanted to let everyone know that my new celeb crush, Jesse McCartney, replied back to me on Twitter. All he said was "Thanks" after I told him I'm turning into his new biggest fan and that I think he's pretty darn cute with his new hair color. But wow! So excited! Anways, I better get to bed, I have my cat wearing an E-collar to my left and a snoring husband to my right. Can't get much better than that!! Man, 7 am comes way too early!! Night!