Friday, November 11, 2011

My baby is growing too fast!

Well we went to the GI specialist and Layla is doing good! She was under dosed so now she is properly dosed and is doing awesome! She spits us from time to time but just normal baby spit up! She is growing up so quickly! Soon she will be crawling and sitting up. We bought her a jumperoo and she is in love!! She just bounces and bounces in that thing laughing! As of a few nights ago she is sleeping through the night from 7pm to around 7 am!! Not bad at all! Layla does great at nap time too! Kelly and I are falling in love with her more and more everyday! It's hard not to when she's such a good baby!! I'm really excited, next weekend we are getting our family pictures taken. Layla will be about 6 months. My friend Chelsea does such a great job, I can't wait to see how they turn out!!

I got an embroidery machine a couple months ago and am loving it! Two weeks ago my friend and I opened a little business on Facebook and in a local dance studio selling personalized embroidered shirts and onesies. Its going well! We had a lot of orders the first week and are now working on our Christmas designs. Hoping to get them all done by Monday! I am so excited about our Christmas designs! I hope they are as good of a hit as our Thanksgiving designs!

For Thanksgiving this year we are going to Oklahoma with my family and couldn't be any more excited about it. It's Layla's first Thanksgiving and first road trip!! We will see how she does! She does good in the car and I'm sure she will be great on the ride up there and back! Hopefully soon I'll have more pictures to post!! Layla is growing so fast! I cannot believe she will be 6 months later this week!!!